Business Capital Loans in Acceleration Easy, Safe and Profitable!

In building a business not only requires great intention but also requires capital which is usually an obstacle in starting a business. Whether it’s due to lack of capital or does already have the intention but do not have capital. Business capital loans can be your answer.

Many choices you can choose if you want to try to apply for a loan, People’s Business Credit (KUR) is one of the most chosen by many people. However, there are many who also experience obstacles in the submission as too many requirements. But calmly there are many other better loan alternatives such as:


Cooperative Business Capital Loans

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Do not think that cooperative loans are not the era, these loans are actually still quite profitable for those of you who want to have a business. The types of cooperatives are also quite diverse, the most popular being the savings and loan cooperatives. The benefits that you can get from this loan include:

  1. Easier terms
  2. Interest that is not much different from the People’s Business Credit (KUR)
  3. Will be the remainder of the results of operations distributed at the end of the year

To get the benefits above, of course you must become a member first and of course pay an annual fee.


UMi Business Credit Loans

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This UMi Credit stands for Ultra Micro Credit. As the name implies, this loan is really intended for new entrepreneurs and arguably the smallest. This credit is also specific to those who want to build a business or who already have a business that is not within the reach of the People’s Business Credit (KUR), which is in a remote area and is not yet eligible for KUR.

Interestingly, this UMi credit is not only intended as venture capital, but also can build entrepreneurial character among the surrounding community. That is, if the UMi credit debtor is asked to join a training program organized by the government. The program also deals with how to manage a good business along with several other things that can develop the business.

This loan can be submitted at several non-bank financial institutions appointed by the government investment center (PIP) such as G-Tee Pawnshop.

Maximum credit limit on UMi is $ 10 million. The maximum tenor of this credit is also only 48 months.


Peer to Peer Lending Business Capital Loan

Business Loan

Finally, alternative business loans that are developing quite rapidly in the digital world, namely peer to peer lending, is a forum that brings together borrowers of funds with the wider community as lenders. Loans here also do not have to use collateral, although the loan ceiling will certainly be smaller than those using collateral.

The ceiling in peer to peer lending can reach $ 2 billion when using collateral, and around $ 100 million if without collateral. Due to the absence of fixed assets such as land and buildings, borrowers in Good Lenders Credit usually use invoices / PO / SPK / Contracts as collateral. Loans using collateral bills can also be called receivables financing.

Acceleration as Indonesia’s secure, easy and profitable peer to peer lending platform can help you get a business capital loan. Requirements for submission in the Acceleration are also quite easy such as:

  1. Your business has been running for more than 1 year and is located in Greater Jakarta, Banten or Bandung. If your business is located outside the area, you can still use the services of Acceleration if the loan proposal is more than 200 million.
  2. Minimum business loan of $ 75 Million
  3. Your business has a net profit in the past year.
  4. Your business has an account and can provide a checking account for the past 3 months.
  5. Fill out the form and provide complete supporting documents.