Eight tips to save water this summer, microcredits and personal loans

Water is the main vital resource for human beings and other living beings that inhabit the earth. In Spain we have three great reasons to worry about the water consumption we carry out:

  • On the one hand, many areas of our country suffer from a shortage of this vital liquid .
  • On the other hand, our water consumption has a direct impact on the environment.
  • Finally, it is good for all of us to reduce the weight of the invoice to better reach the end of the month.

Original ways to get the water savings you are looking for

Original ways to get the water savings you are looking for

The water consumption of families can double in summer . For a general saving we already proposed 6 fun keys with which you can save money in a short time. But today we focus on water. In addition to turning off the tap when brushing your teeth, changing the bathroom for the shower and other measures that you are sure to apply, here are eight very simple measures that will allow you to reduce your water consumption:

If you have a garden, try to water at night to avoid evaporation losses . Your pocket and plants will thank you. By the way, if you choose native plants for your garden, you will consume less water and save time in maintaining them.

Fill one or two bottles with water and place them inside the bathroom cistern

Fill one or two bottles with water and place them inside the bathroom cistern

In this way, you will save between two and four liters every time you throw the tank as full bottles will reduce the capacity of the tank. If you use a double push tank, much better.

Do not put the washing machine or dishwasher into operation until they are fully charged , that way you will make the most of the performance of these appliances and save you several washes and a little time. In addition, you can use the water from the second rinse of the washing machine to water plants and clean.

Close the faucet keys of your home a little to reduce the amount of water that comes out every time you activate them . We often use more pressure than we need, which strongly increases the amount of water we consume or, rather, we waste.

If you are one of those who shower with hot water until summer, you can take advantage of the cold water that comes out of the tap while you wait for the heater to start working . Use a bucket to collect the water until it comes out hot and use it to water, clean, renew the tank or to replace the tank, for example.

When washing the car

When washing the car

It is best to use a bucket and a sponge instead of the hose. A quick and easy way to save hundreds of liters of water.

If you are one of the lucky ones that has a swimming pool at home, buy a plastic tarp and cover its surface during periods when no one is going to bathe . That way you will improve the safety and cleanliness of the pool and, incidentally, save a huge amount of water by preventing it from evaporating under the summer sun. On the other hand, if you don’t have a pool, you can enjoy the best beach destinations in Spain, save water and you can go on a cheap vacation.

Check the faucets and pipes at home to make sure there is no leakage and, if you find one, repair it to end the waste of water. He thinks that the dripping of a tap can represent hundreds of liters of wasted water in a single day. Within this last tip we include the use of thermostatic taps with which to save water and energy.

Only 1% of the water on the planet is fresh. We hope that these tips will help you lose your water bill and respect the environment more.
There are many mobile applications with which you can control your household expenses, a great idea that if you start using it, at the end of the month you will notice the difference, or at least, you will know where you have spent more money.



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