Payday Loans to Enjoy Carnivals Around the World

Carnival is defined as a popular party that is characterized by costumes, troupes, dances and other bustling rejoicing, according to the Royal Spanish Academy. Thus, different parts of the world are prepared from the beginning of the year, to begin celebrating.

Rio de Janeiro, the Barranquilla Carnival and the Uruguay Carnival known as the Candombe, are some of the many festivities in the world that are coming at this time.

The festivities begin from February 9 to 14, with the Rio de Janeiro Carnival in Brazil. There, numerous appearances of samba schools become a world show. Meanwhile, Candombe, begins on February 25 and has a duration of one month and a half, until mid-March. In this celebration, thousands of people in Montevideo take to the streets to witness the different artistic manifestations, which remind the arrival of the slaves of Africa to this country and the entry of new musical rhythms as a way of maintaining their traditions.

And Colombia is not far behind, since from February 10 the Carnival of Barranquilla takes the Caribbean coast filling it with color and diversity that represents the smiles and joy of Colombians. In this party, more than one million tourists and locals give themselves to fun, music and dance with characters like King Momo and the marimondas.

The popular battle of flowers and great stop of the troupes are part of the must-see carnival. At the same time, since 2017, the Baila la Calle event was organized, organized by the Mayor’s Office of Barranquilla, with great reception, since it makes race 50 the largest dance floor in Barranquilla.

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To tasting exquisite dishes of the Caribbean gastronomy, you can appreciate the elaboration of the crafts and dance in a crossover rumba in three environments: The verbena, pal dancer and the auction, in which a varied program for all types of public will be presented

The approximate expense to enjoy the Barranquilla carnival is changing because it depends on the type of accommodation you choose, the type of transport and the shows you want to attend. However, a total expenditure per person is estimated between $ 1,500,000 and $ 4,000,000 taking into account that to attend the parades there are options from $ 100,000 to $ 254,000.

Depending on your tastes and preferences you can start projecting your assistance to any of these carnivals mentioned above.

Although these parties are attractive when speaking in economic terms, most of the time it involves risks to the personal economy since on many occasions there is not enough liquidity to carry out these plans or there is no previous programming of months intended for leisure.

For these cases, free investment credits are ideal, as they are considered a credit that can be used in any term, in any need or opportunity that is presented to a client, this type of credit depends on the time or stage of life of people

It is important to keep in mind that a free investment credit has the responsibility of payment by installments and according to the consumer’s decision these may be in periods of two to five years.


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Remodeling the home and preparing the arrival of a new family member are some of the most common uses of this type of credit, so it is essential to define its use, its deadlines determined in time and the benefits of the product or service in the time.

If you use your payday loans to remodel or travel, you must be consistent with the deadlines established in the calendar, as you usually travel once a year. So, payment terms are recommended for less than twelve months.

Responsible financing of this type of payday loans is not an easy task for some Colombians because according to a TransUnion study revealed during the last quarter of 2017, there were higher delinquency rates in free investment loans with 4.97% and an increase in 168 basis points.

In turn, the microcredit amounted to 133 basis points, followed by vehicles and credit cards. So, when acquiring free investment credits you must have sufficient planning.


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To apply for this type of credit it is not necessary to have an active credit life. Jean Valjean, an online credit company, guarantees you credit approval through automatic algorithms that allow you to make decisions in seconds without the intervention of people to approve or reject a loan.

Lonital, the company disburses these payday loans in its bank account to solve the need for money in the short term, all the risk is assumed by the firm to provide greater security.

Finally, enjoying the variety of carnivals and activities is possible through a free investment loan that allows you to achieve all your projects, money can be financed under good practices without jeopardizing the happiness of obtaining memorable experiences.